Guidelines for building the work order: A step-by-step guide.


1. After converting the quote to a job, Click on 'Services' on the left menu.

Note: Learn 'How To - Convert Quote to Job'.

Click on  Services…

2. Select the service for which you wish to build the work order.

Click on Commercial - Solutions Commercial Automation

3. From the left menu, Click on 'Work orders'.

Click on Work Order

4. Click on the 'Assignments' tab.

Click on Assignments

5. You have the option to allocate resources to the work order, such as scheduling resources (via estimates) or assigning non-billable resources (through estimates). Additionally, you can designate the work order owner and reference contact.

In the following example, we will be assigning scheduled resources. Scheduled resources are basically resources based on the role types you have added in the estimates of this service under 'resources'.

Click on Add

6. Select the resource and click on 'Done'.

Click on DC     Dev Cham   Booked   ACTIVE

7. Click on the 'Instructions' tab from the top.

Click on Instructions

8. Click on the 'Add Instruction' option and the right navigation will open up with all the available instructions set in the Work Order settings.

Note: Learn 'How To - Configure WO Instructions'.

Click on Add

9. Select the instructions configured in the work order settings and then click 'Insert' at the bottom of the right navigation.

Click on Title : Sample Instruction…

10. Upon inserting the WO instructions, you can download, edit, or remove them from this location.

Note: Please note that Jakctrade supports two types of work order pdfs to be shared with your team. One with instructions and another without instructions.

Click on  Download

11. Click on the 'Documents' tab from the top, and then click on the 'Add' icon from the top right.

Click on Documents
Click on basic:icon-ico-add

12. Enter the document details such as name, category, date, descriptions, tags, and image.

Click on Document Details…

13. Click on the 'Forms' tab from the top.

Click on Form

14. Click on the 'Edit' icon and then click on 'Insert New Form'.

Click on basic:icon-ico-edit
Click on attach media

15. Select and insert the form that is configured from the setup.

Note: Learn 'How To - Setup Freedom Form' and 'How To - Add Custom Form'.

Click on Title : Sample Workorder Form…

16. Fill up the form details and click on 'Save'.

Click on  Sample Workorder Form

17. Click on the 'Comments' tab from the top.

Click on Comments

18. Enter the comment then click on 'Add Comment' and then click on 'Save'.

Click on Comments

19. Click on the 'Media' tab from the top.

Click on Media

20. Click on 'Attach & Mark Media'.

Click on attach media

21. Upload the images you want to insert to the work order.

Note: You can upload the images from your System, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
Click on Upload