Sales Management Simplified
For Small Business


An easy-to-use tool
focused on closing sales.

Deal Management

What you are selling or who you’re selling to: a sales pipeline is crucial for the creation of a stable and reliable sales cycle.

Organize your sales operations.

Measure and manage your sales.

Client Nurturing

Nurture and love your customer every step of the way. Build & execute relationship-building strategies to drive sales.

Auto-engage with smart email drips.

Fit your sales process.


Keep selling with Jacktrade,
even when you’re taking a break!!

Highly Recommended

“The smartest sales system I’ve ever used, and it
works from anywhere...Sales system built for minimum input and maximum output. Now, our sales team is more free to maximize client engagement.”

- Jack Burton


Create A
Healthy Sales
Pipeline That Allows You To:

Improve your sales process

Forecast future business results

Analyze different sales strategies for your business.

Review your progress for the current financial year, and

Know how far you are from your targets.

Easily prioritize “in-market” prospects

Increase engagement and hit your sales targets

Uncover the right opportunities and convert pipeline faster

Identify and uncover risk and be more confident in the health of your pipeline

Manage and allocate resources in order to close or service upcoming sales,


Sales Engagement Playbook

System built for revenue teams that build pipeline, close revenue, and delight customers.

  • Cold Emailing
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Converting Opportunities
  • Customer Journey
  • Buyer's Journey
  • Information Automation

Automating Cold Emailing

Use Case: Cold Calling and Cold Emailing


Powerfully Manage Your Marketing Funnel

Use Case: Your biggest assets are your customer who you have direct access as they walk into your premise.


Converting Opportunities

Use Case: Simple Follow-up, Job Confirmation and Auto-Pay Setup


Stages Of Customer Journey

Use Case: 6 stages of sales management to care for your customers and grow loyalty


Semi-Automating Buyer’s Journey

Use Case: Simple Follow-up, Job Confirmation and Auto-Pay Setup


Information Automation

Use Case: Building Trust Through Information Sharing


Win More Business

There are no second chances when it comes to customer acquisition or retention.


Full Visibility Across Your Footprint

  • Manage multiple revenue operations and geographic locations.
  • Easy check in on sales rep performance and assignments.
  • Integrated pipeline with Quotes, Jobs, and Invoices selling both Services and Products.

No More FOMO - Never Miss Another Deal

  • Visual dashboard of opportunities at your fingertips.
  • Multiply Sales 10X with increased follow-up and email integration.
  • Enhanced lead capture from website traffic conversion to opportunity.

Visually Organized Pipeline

  • Quick insight into top potential clients in the pipeline.
  • View your pipeline based on Win Chance, by Timeline or Revenue potential.
  • Easy drag and drop to the lane of choic.
  • Customizable to your business needs.

Get The Tools That
Get The Work Done

Pioneering Sales workflow that is interconnected with
CRM, Operations and Marketing function.