Order Management

Build simple to complex orders that provide greater flexibility to manage and track orders
throughout the entire lifecycle.


    Get Seriously Efficient

    Organize your orders deliveries or shipping. Assign tags, and upload pictures to services performed. Produce orders as fast as your customer expect them.


    Assure Order Accuracy

    "Automate checklists for your service management. Access & update information from anywhere, change details, schedules, prices or adjust quantities from anywhere"


    Built For Remote Teams

    Distribute administration across your teams to get first hand information in real-time. Get notified for what is happening in your business and stay updated quickly.


    Inventory Management

    A complete inventory management solution flexibly integrated across your business functions
    and processes that meets the needs of next-generation products.


    Centralized Products

    Manage your entire inventory under one platform including your product types, purchase orders and your sales orders.

    Efficient Tracking

    Track your inventory items right from procuring from the suppliers and manufactures to delivering to your end customers.

    Fulfill Orders

    Go beyond the basic expectations of providing customized orders with flexible options to customize orders for your customers.

    Reporting & Planning

    Get all the statistics for inventory items with respect to stock review, sales orders, returned inventory, rental products and delivery usage.


    Servicing & Scheduling

    Make residential and commercial services easy for everyone. Be more efficient, cut down your non-billable hours and take on more work across variations of services your provide.


    Faster Quotes

    Impress your customers with professional looking Quotes and invoices that helps you win more Jobs


    Efficient Scheduling

    Assign your team, and see at a glance when a job is done and ready to be invoiced.


    Organize Jobs

    Tracks changes to job details as they happen, so your team has everything they need to get the job done well and on time.



    Access different invoice structures to match your sharing needs of relevant information and increase your brand value by sending customized branded invoices to your customers.

    Estimate Builder

    Create line item costing that provides flexibility with building simple or complex quotes. Create estimates on your laptop, edit them on the job site, and print them off on your office desktop.

    Service Scheduling

    Invoice line items that works well with your business workflow and helps in allocating & managing resources like labor, transportation, equipment, products & materials.

    Flexible Communication

    Easily set notifications before, on and after business events across many functions like scheduling, payment, reminders or simply appreciation. Pre and post care has never been this easy before.



    Flexible, secured and accessible payment methods encourages your customers to close down
    deals sooner.Celebrate the exchange happily.

    Powerful payment providers

    Jacktrade’s partners with reputed payment gateways like Fiserv, Braintree and Chase Pay Now to offer customers the ability to make payment via credit or debit cards with ease.

    Multiple accounts support

    Whether you are running multiple businesses and have partnership distributions - you can process payments as you desire. Setup single or multiple accounts, and route payments based on business entity, currency regions or physical locations.

    Have your customers pay online directly

    Configure the system to send the request for pay as part of your buyer’s process, and your digitally savvy customers can make secured payments online seamlessly.

    Your customer credit card secure vault

    Most of the customers shop online and expect payments to be quicker, familiar, and secure. We made the tailor-made experience for the same.

    Improve sales and start getting paid now

    Review and monitor business at your fingertips.



    Use Jacktrade’s integrated platform to your advantage and Increase the effectiveness of your
    marketing spend and maximise the revenue with all your data in one place.

    1. Smart Segmentation

      Segment your audience based services, products, buying patterns or how long they've been customers

    2. Helpful Personalization

      A complete email personalization software that helps you stand out in any inbox and build meaningful relationships with your prospects.

    3. Meaningful Timing

      Tailor content, send time, frequency, and more with the help of AI in every email to send the right message at the right time.


    Sales Management

    Jacktrade’s sales management is a system built specifically for the teams that build pipeline, close revenue and delight customers.

    Full Visibility Across Your Footprint

    • Manage multiple revenue operations and geographic locations.
    • Easy check in on sales rep performance and assignments.
    • Integrated pipeline with Quotes, Jobs, and Invoices selling both Services and Products.

    No More FOMO - Never Miss Another Deal

    • Visual dashboard of opportunities at your fingertips.
    • Multiply Sales 10X with increased follow-up and email integration.
    • Enhanced lead capture from website traffic conversion to opportunity.

    Visually Organized Pipeline

    • Quick insight into top potential clients in the pipeline.
    • View your pipeline based on Win Chance, by Timeline or Revenue potential.
    • Easy drag and drop to the lane of choice.
    • Customizable to your business needs.


    Easy to understand reports to track and analyse the performance and overall health of the
    business and make better business decisions.


    Create Unique Dashboards

    Pre-built reports that you can drag-and-drop as you like. Dashboards can be set for everything a business needs to view and manage transactions. Create as many unique dashboards as you like for your business.

    Monitor Progress Easily

    Identify problems with a quick glance at your team’s performance and respond to them faster. Make sense of your metrics easily by comparing related metrics.

    Role Based Dashboards

    Assign and setup epic dashboards for every role that needs to digest data as job requires. Monitor your workforces success.

    Start visually analyzing your business data today

    Jacktrade’s partners with reputed payment gateways


    Team Collaboration

    Deliver customer experience, productivity and happiness across your business functions which benefit the organization(s) and clients.


    Customer Projects

    Manage tasks related to a customer, service, order, or internal projects.


    Customer Ticketing

    Manage, track and respond using centralized customer ticketing system.


    Team Knowledge Base

    Create and share your educational material for learning or guided activities.


    Sales Acceleration

    Leverage unified technology to enable better buying experience for customers, reduce inefficiencies and faster selling for sales people.


    Get 3-15%

    Lift in sales from your customers

    52X ROI

    For small businesses within 9 months

    Every 10th

    Customer becomes a brand ambassador


    Business Automation

    Easy automation converting ‘business managers’ to be developers with no code, or low code setup to strengthen your business and empower your teams.


    Get Seriously Efficient

    Automate communication to accelerate active and revitalize stale clients. Start with evergreen content and continuously improve that adds uniqueness as you make better version of yourself.


    Assure Order Accuracy

    CRM automation allows connectivity to your systems and applications. It can help trigger reminders and processes like payment due dates or service expirations.


    Customer Relationship Management

    Build and scale deep lasting with your clients and affiliates by implementing effective business tactics to offer
    the best to your customer and improve your winning chance.


    Build Consistent

    Better organize and manage relationships, automates common processes, and use tools to monitor performance and productivity.

    Customer Churn

    Maintain engagement with your customers and stay connected at the time, or simply revitalize stale or inactive clients.

    Service Efficiencies

    Provider-Customer engagement is deeply desired to be higher and customer understands and wants digital channels to talk to you.

    Self-Service Models

    Gain deeper customer understanding and intentions for targeted conversations and trade offers.

    Kickstart your free CRM trial today

    Jacktrade’s partners with reputed payment gateways


    Business Performance

    Continue to innovate, succeed, and study your business to get clearer picture of your complete financial picture and market growth on a single platform.


    Offer Rewarding CX

    Design very explicit ways to offer customer experiences (Cx) across your service models. Charge the customer in a palatable way.

    Strengthen Core

    Strengthen your business with tighter alignment for target excellence across your core competencies.

    Compete Effectively

    Compete effectively with your more-focused rivals. Make your company look like a billion dollar brand.

    Scale For Economics

    Scale advantages that provide economic benefits to your most profitable niches.


    Happy Customers

    Join thousands of satisfied customers using our template globally.

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