Steps to Configure WO Instructions

Work order Instructions provide you the ability to add clear, concise, and effective instructions for work orders. These instructions can be configured as templates and inserted in the work orders as per your business requirements. You can configure one or more work order instructions per business entity.


1. Go to the Setup Module.


Go to setup module

2. Click on Work Orders on the left menu.

Click on Work Orders

3. Select the entity for which you wish to add instructions.

Click on any entity you want to add instructions

4. Click on the 'Add Instruction' option to start adding the instructions.

Click on Add Instruction

5. Provide a title for work order instructions. It is recommended that the titles should be unique and meaningful to easily identify and insert them in the functions.

Write instructions title

6. Compose a description for the work order instruction. This is the field where you are adding the content of your instructions. 


Write description

7. To enable the WO instruction, mark the checkbox 'Enable Appendix'. Please note that only the enabled instructions will show up in Workorders. 

Click on Enable Appendix


8. Click on 'Save' to include the setup instructions.


Click on Save

Work order instructions are applicable in Work Orders under Quote and Job Services.

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