Automation For Customer Touchpoints

Nurture and love your customer every step of the way by automating customer journey.


The Effectiveness
Of Your Marketing


Smart Segmentation

As you refine your email marketing, you can segment your audience based services, products, buying patterns or how long they've been customers.


Helpful Personalization

A complete email personalization software that helps you stand out in any inbox and build meaningful relationships with your prospects.


Meaningful Timing

Tailor content, send time, frequency, and more with the help of AI in every email to send the right message at the right time.


Use integrated platform
to your advantage.

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing spend and maximize revenue with all your data in one place.

Action super effective sales cycles

  • imgNew Product Email
  • imgWarranty Renewal Email
  • imgFrom Your Previous Interest
  • imgUpsell Email
  • imgCross Sell Email
  • imgNo Sale Email
  • imgProduction Information
  • imgServed In Your Area
  • imgNext Service Email
  • imgReferral With Promotion
  • imgBirthday Email
  • imgAnnouncement Email

Create Beautiful
Mobile-friendly Emails

Take advantage of drag-and-drop layout builder, personalized scripting language, and interactive content to surprise and delight in real time.

Deliver more dimensional, interactive, and fun experiences in your subscribers’ inbox.

Quickly and effortlessly optimize for mobile so your emails always appear exactly as you intended — wherever they’re opened.


Powerful Integrated Campaign Manager

Everything you need to reach people and keep them coming back.


Collaborate With Teams

Work with your team to collaborate together on your email marketing campaigns.

Capture Leads & Convert

Capture leads from your website and initiate sequence of personalized engagements.

One-time Campaigns

Run campaign to target your list once to start and finish your campaigns on time.

Always-On Campaigns

Build evergreen campaigns that continuously runs for any new contacts get added to your list.

Seasonal Campaigns

Plan ahead and run campaigns effectively for destined dates important to you.

Mix and Match Drips

Mix and match both email and SMS multi-part drop sequence to maximize your impact.

Design Templates

45+ market-proven design templates to get you started quickly as possible with email marketing.

Simple Or Rich Text

Send simple text or rich text, or a combination. Embed Emoji’s for attention.

Personalize At Scale

Personalize data across business functions - services, products, customer, and more

Subscriber Management

Add, store, and organize your contacts and subscription status in one place.

Campaign Reports

See who’s opening, clicking, and sharing your emails. Spot trends and plan your next steps.

Endless Usage.
Game-Changing Results.

Decide which emails you want to send - it can be simple or as involved as your business needs.

Create your email designs and content. Choose a pre-built template or build one quickly with an easy email builder.

Run your marketing campaigns to monitor, track and optimize your campaigns with A&B testing


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