Steps to add package products to the services in quotes.


1. After creating the service, Click on 'Products' from the left menu.

Note: Learn more about 'How To Create A Quote' and 'How To Create A Service'.

Click on Product

2. Click on 'Add Products'.

Click on Add Products

3. Click on 'Package'.

Click on Browse Package Products

4. Click on 'Customize'.

Click on Customize

5. Select the package products from different catalogs by clicking on quick add and then add to cart.

Note: Learn more about 'How To Setup Package'.

Click on  Quick Add
Click on Add To Cart

6. Select the 'Delivery Method'.

Note: Learn more about 'How To Configure Delivery Method'.

Click on Delivery Method

7. Select the delivery date and then click on 'Save' to add the package to the service.

Click on dropdown trigger
Click on Save