Steps to import serials.


1. Go to the Setup Module.

Click on Operations

2. Click on 'Product' from the left menu.

Click on Products

3. Select the product that has a serial policy attached.

Click on Versatile Amplifier

4. Click on the 'SKU' tab and go inside the existing SKU.

Note: Learn more about 'How To Add SKU to the Product'.
Click on SKU
Click on MDL-VAR-AAR

5. Click on the options menu (3 dots), and select 'Serial Import'.

Click on Open demo menu
Click on Serial Import

6. Click on the 'Download Import Sheet Template' button to obtain the template for inputting the serials data. Click on 'Import' from the top.

Note: Product ID, SKU ID, and Serial Number ID are mandatory fields rest are non-mandatory.

Click on Download Import Sheet Template
Click on Import

7. Click on 'Browse' to select and upload the CSV file containing the serials data.

Click on browse

8. Click on 'Upload'

Click on Upload

9. You will see 3 options over here. If the records are in the warning then you can import the serials.

Click on Your serial number records have been analysed and please see the details below.…

10. Click on 'Import' from the top to import the serials.

Click on Import