Steps to create a serial policy.


1. Go to the Setup Module.

Click on Setup

2. Under 'Structure' click on 'Policies' from the left menu.

Click on Policies

3. Click on the options menu (3 dots) from the top right.

Click on Open demo menu

4. Click on 'Add Serial Policy'

Click on Add Serial Policy

5. Enter the policy name and select if the policy needs to be attached to the products or material. Make sure the policy is enabled to use it in the products.

Click on Serial Policy Name

6. Click on 'Add Products' to associate products with this policy. Once a serial policy is associated with a product, all the SKU's under that product will have the same serial policy associated with them.

Click on add products

7. Filter the products with parent and child and select the products. Click on 'Add' to associate the selected products with this policy.

Click on Add Products…

8. Select the 'Serials' tab.

Click on Serials

9. There are pre-built attributes for the serial policy select the ones which you need.

Click on Serials

10. Additionally you can add the required custom attribute by entering the attribute key details and attribute type under the custom attribute section.

Click on Attribute Key

11. Click on 'Save' to add the serial policy.

Click on Save