Steps to apply product instructions in quotes and jobs.


1. After creating the service, Click on 'Products' from the left menu.

Note: Learn more about 'How To Create A Quote' and 'How To Create A Service'.
Click on Product

2. Click on 'Add Products'.

Click on Add Products

3. Select the 'Catalog' and then click 'Quick Add' to insert the product into the cart.

Click on button
Click on  Quick Add
Click on Add To Cart

4. Click on the 'Cart' icon from the top bar.

Click on  Cart

5. Click on the 'Edit' icon and select the product.

Click on block icon
Click on image

6. Click on the 'Instructions' icon from the top.

Click on block icon

7. Select the 'Instruction' which you want to apply to the product.

Note: Learn more about 'How To Setup Product Instructions'.

Click on Thermostat Installation and Setup

8. Click on 'Save' to insert the instruction.

Click on Save