Steps to record and track conversations and notes with customers


1. Go to the Customers Module.

Click on basic:icon-ico-customers

2. Navigate to the customer profile under which you want to add or track conversations/notes.

Click on John Stanly…

3. Click on the Notes option on the left menu.

Click on Notes

4. Select the entity here. Email and invites for the notes that you will share from here will be sent from the email settings and branding of the selected entity.

Learn how to configure email settings here.

Learn how to setup email branding here.

Click on Demo - HVAC

5. The "Notes" feature encompasses various types of records like messages, ideas, meeting notes, calendar invites, reminders, attachments, and questions. You have the option to choose any of these types and create a message accordingly.

Click on Message…

6. Insert the content of the note in this rich text editor.

Click on Follow-up meeting with John on 28 Dec at 11:00 am EST

7. Various editing fields are available, allowing you to tailor the message as needed.

Click on Follow-up meeting with John on 28 Dec at 11:00 am EST

8. After composing the message, click on "Share" to save the conversation record.

Click on Share

9. You can review both current and past recorded conversations from here. On the left, you will see a timelapse and you can view messages belonging to that timeframe.

Click on John Stanly…

10. For every conversation, you can track which resource has created and updated the post.

Click on Created Dec 27, 2023 by…

11. Click on 'Reply'.

Click on  Reply

12. After clicking on 'Add Reply' you will encounter a description box. Enter the desired reply and then click on 'Reply'.

Click on Will schedule the meeting …

13. After adding the reply, click on 'Comment' to view the reply.

Click on 1 Comment
Click on Will schedule the meeting

14. You have the option to edit, share, and archive the post. To access these options, click on the three dots next to the post.

Click on Open demo menu
Click on  Edit…