Smart Personalization in Smart Notification

Email personalization is an email marketing process that uses the personal information of subscribers to produce more targeted emails. With the help of email personalization, you can send content that is relevant to every subscriber. It gives individual treatment to the customer and increases email marketing metrics massively. 

Personalization means including a customer's data in an email to increase the relevance of the email. Have a look at the inspiring results email personalization achieves

  1. Personalizing user experience increases sales thanks to a more targeted approach.
  2. 58% of all revenue is generated by targeted and segmented emails.
  3. Transaction rates increase six times due to personalized email delivery.
  4. 39% of online sellers recommend to subscribers what to buy via email.
  5. Personalized emails’ open rate was 18.8%, while without personalization, it was only 13.1% in 2016.


Achieve Rewarding Experience With Personalization

Personalization works - it gets customers engaged with your business and can enhance your email marketing strategies. It’s also an attainable marketing strategy for your business. Focus on what data you have or could collect on your customers and see how it can be used. It’s simpler than you think to start today.

  1. Rewards customers with a new experience - Understanding the subscriber’s personality is the main goal for brands. Such an attitude turns reading emails into an enjoyable and exciting process. Personalization removes any irritation from the users’ experience, providing them with positive emotions.
  2. Improves relationships - Personalization tends to humanize communication between sellers and buyers. Personalized emails are pretty much appreciated because each subscriber feels that brands examine and respond to their tastes and needs. Personalization increases shared value, and both sides win.
  3. Total usage of email opportunities - These days people are being bombarded by tons of emails every day. When a brand personalizes emails properly, email’s potential as a marketing medium is squeezed. Therefore, fewer emails are required to gain results. A reduction of informational noise in the inbox is a form of respect.
  4. Email marketing standard - As the years go by, email personalization is becoming more precise and sophisticated thanks to triggered (event-based) emails. Many instruments are available on the market that make it easier to implement personalization in your email marketing campaigns. If you still don’t personalize your email campaigns but want to give them a try, check out the handy tools for email personalization that the Jacktrade email service has on board.


Smart Personalization Examples

Smart personalization allows you to modify the contents of the email based on available user data. Launch your creativity when you use smart personalization features for more advanced email personalization because the sky’s the limit for intelligent personalization.

The number of ways you can personalize your emails today is enormous and it goes beyond simply using your subscriber's name in the subject line. In this section, we'll share some advanced techniques that will help you take your personalization to the next level.

  1. Ask the right questions - To send personalized emails, you need to collect information about your customers. The best way to do this is to ask them for information directly. You can do this in several ways: let them choose the type of content they would like to receive after joining your mailing list, share a link to the preference management center, and keep track of their interaction with your emails.

  2. Localized personalization attracts eyes - Global companies use personalization by region to deliver a unique customer experience.

  3. Gender-focused personalization - A gender-focused brand can prepare slightly different content for men and for women, to ensure your message resonates with everyone. For example, you can send different product offers for both men and women in a separate email campaign.

  4. Monitor order abandoners - Send an email to users who requested your services but didn't buy them. Invite them to return back to you, including photos of the products they were interested in, and clearly show the order total. You can motivate them to buy with a time-limited discount.

  5. Provide product recommendations - Track your customers' browsing history on your website and the products they buy. With this data, you can be in the right place at the right time. Promote the products they often view, upsell a modernized product version, and cross-sell useful items.

  6. Create a customer persona - This is a profile of your ideal customer. Fill it with useful information such as clients' demographics, preferences, interests, and problems. It will help you better understand your customers and realize how to solve their problems in the best way.

  7. Send trigger emails - These emails are triggered by your subscribers' actions, for example, a subscription, placing an order, or registering for an event. etc. In response, they will receive a welcome email, an order confirmation email, or an event confirmation email. You can also send a re-engagement email to users who haven't opened your emails in the last six months. Trigger emails help increase user engagement and email CTR (click-through rate).

  8. Celebrate clients' achievements - If a user designed their first email, created a website, or completed a language course with your service, congratulate them. They will be pleased to know that you care and want to share this special day with them. You can reward them for being loyal to your brand by providing a unique offer.

  9. Use dynamic content in your emails - It implies content that changes based on the information about your subscribers. For example, with Jacktrade you can use data tokens to send a campaign with dynamic content. With the "Gender" data token, you can send a campaign with different offers for men and women.

  10. Match personalized emails and landing pages - If you are using email marketing for your sales funnel, make sure both your email and the landing page match in both branding and value. 


Although personalizing your emails is a valuable step toward targeting your customers more effectively, there is more than your business can do. You can pair personalized emails and landing pages to push your success rate further.

Not only should your email and landing page have a consistent look and copy, but they should also have the same personalized call to action for the customer. This will lead to the customer having a unified experience, which will make them more likely to convert, as you are showing them personalized content based on data.


Exposed Data Attributes

Setup logic based on which the notifications will be triggered. Leaders, at all levels, who embrace data while executing the tried and true fundamentals of sales management, are better positioned to accelerate sales productivity and capture market share.