How to setup email templates in Quotes and Jobs


1. Go To Setup Module on the bottom menu.


Go To Setup Module


2. Click on the Communication option on the left menu.


Click on Communication


3. Click on the 'Email Templates' tab.


Click on Email Templates


4. Select Quotes from the list of modules on top. You will see pre-existing email templates. You can choose to use these or add new to it.


Click on Quotes…


5. Click on the 'Add' option on the top right.


Click on Start Adding to add templates


6. Click on the FUNCTION dropdown and select the function under which you wish to add the template. Here we will select Quotes as an example.



Select an option


7. Write the template name. It is recommended that the template names should be unique so that the templates can be identified easily within the functions. 


Write template name


8. Click on 'Save'

Click on Save


9. Open the recently saved template and add the email subject.

Open the recently saved template and add email subject


10. Please click on "Insert Tokens" to add the tokens to the email template.

Click on Add

11. Select the type of data set from the top and copy the token.

Note: Token rendering is based on data. For example, if you select "(Customer First Name)," it will render at the time of sending the email to that particular customer.

Click on Field Name: Customer First Name…

12. Insert the content of the email with the copied tokens.

Click on  Template Name: Elevating Your Customer Experience

13. You can test the email by clicking on 'Send Test Email'. Enter the email address and send the email to test.

Click on Send Test Email
Click on Attached Services

14. Click on 'Save Template'.

Click on Save Template
Note: Similarly, you can add email templates for Jobs and other functions listed in the function dropdown.