Managing Promotions


Promotions can be set up and managed in the business setting.


Promotion List & Grid Pages

Grid and list views are two view types supported to manage your promotions. Both the views provide basic information about the promotions upfront like -

  1. Status of the promotion.
  2. When does the promotion expire?
  3. Name of the promotion.
  4. Type of the promotion (coupon or discount).
  5. Value of the promotion.
  6. If promotions are allowed in combination with other promotions.
  7. The number of promotions left (utilization counter).



Per Promotion Status

  1. Counter Statistics
    1. Usage Counter - How many times the promotion is used?
    2. Applied Counter - How many times has the promotion been applied?
    3. Return Counter - How many times the promotion returned back.
    4. Total Usage (sum of all the amount that is calculated in Jobs who has used the promotion).
  2. Current Promotion Status - Enabled, Valid, Expired, Disabled, Not Started
    1. Enabled - when the promotion is enabled, and not expired, unavailable, finished, or disabled.
    2. Expired - when the end date is expired. If no end date then the ‘infinite’ symbol is presented.
    3. Unavailable - when promotion setup status is either disabled or archived.
    4. Finished - When promotion usage is exhausted.
    5. Disabled - when the promotion is disabled.

Note: Invalid state will not be present here as it’s only applicable to show in Quotes or Jobs Ordering Cart.