Change Management - Quotes or Jobs


Change management mainly revolves around three things - Price, Usage counter, Product or Service assignment


When Canceling or Voiding the Job, Quote, or Regular Service

When Job or its Service is Canceled or marked Void the promotion is not utilized and the usage counter is returned back. Usage counter is then free to be utilized for any newly converted Job, and or when any current Services in Job, where promotions get to be reapplied.

When Quote or its Service is Canceled or marked Void the promotion is not applied and the apply counter is returned back. Usage counter is then free to be utilized for any newly converted Job, and or when any current Services in Job, where promotions get to be reapplied.

Note: The user removes the promotion from the ordering cart, not the system.


When Canceling or Voiding Recurring Services

The promotion usage counter is returned back when the entire Recurring Service is Canceled. Individual Follower Services where the promotion is applied and is canceled or voided will lose their promotion.


When Item With Applied Promotion Is Returned In Jobs

Returning an item with a promotion attached returns the promotion. In this case, we are expecting that payment is returned by returning back or adjusting the product or services. The customer is returned an amount as the cost of the item received initially.

Return of amount back to the Job. For example, a Customer purchases 2 items of a single quantity and then returns 1 of those items. The following example of calculations describe how funds are returned back to the customer:

  • Item 1: $4.00
  • Item 2: $9.00. Promotion applied: 9%.
  • Total Cost: $12.00
  • Return Item 2: -$8.00
  • Total Cost (after return): $4.00


Return Counter: Promotion usage is maintained with a new counter called ‘Returns’. This usage counter is increased every time there is a returned promotional offer. The return item quantity will return the same quantity as the ‘return’ counter.

Returning the counter back to the promotion and increasing usage counter happens in any state of the promotion setup status - Active, Inactive, or Archived. If the promotion is deleted, then there will not be any associated counters - so this validation will be managed internally.

When returning a Promotion back, the promotion could move from unavailable to valid state when the utilized counter is returned back to the promotion. This will not affect any currently applied promotions until promotions are re-applied and verification is executed by the system.


Returning Promotions that do not match requirements anymore

It’s possible that Promotions previously fulfilled may not match the original promotional requirements anymore like:

  • The total amount becomes lower due to a reduction in Services, Products, or Materials.
  • The customer's name is changed.
  • Changes in promotion like the removal of a particular service

In this case, the promotion attached to the Services goes through the ‘Apply Re-verification’ process. All promotions are marked with appropriate status upon re-verification. It is possible that all invalid promotions will adjust the amount of the Services.


Returning Promotion With Unavailable or Expired Apply Status

Promotion is returned back when a Product or Material Item is returned, it could be possible that the promotion is not available anymore.

This can happen when a promotion is disabled, archived, or deleted (apply status ‘unavailable’). With already fulfilled Products or Completed Services - the promotions remain as is without any adjustments till that item or promotion itself is removed.

Keeping a promotion applied while the promotion is unavailable only happens post item fulfillment or Service completion. If the promotion is unavailable before item fulfillment or Service completion - then the promotion goes through the ‘Apply Re-verification’ process.


Returning Promotion With Finished Apply Status

When promotion usage is exhausted then promotions are set with Apply Status. Promotion is simply returned back to the promotion and the promotion can be used for the return counters that are returned. Promotion is available again for re-applying if other conditions are matchable like promotion validation period etc.


Managing Changes with Promotions

Changes to Business Settings

In Business Settings, Quote or Job Services can be removed or disabled making it unavailable for any function to use them.

For each applicable promotion, the system re-verifies if the service type is still available and active. Verification failure will result in the system rejecting associated promotion(s) to be invalid.

Existing Service types in Promotion are marked in Italics when Service Type is not available and active. Disabled or removed Service Types can not be added to any promotion.


Changes to Promotion Setup

In the Promotions policy, businesses can choose to configure promotions to either Services, Products, or Materials. Combinational configuration mixing any of these is not supported. For example Services and Products can not co-exist in the same promotion policy.

Businesses can choose to remove ALL Services and then add Products only at any time. Any changes in Promotions will be applicable for matching criteria when the promotion is applied or reapplied based on applied triggers.

If the counters changed, then switching between them is possible in the policy configuration.
The change in Promotion Setup is possible anytime when the Promotional policy

  1. Is utilized or applied.
  2. Is not yet been utilized or applied.

Users can also fully remove Services, Products, or Materials once the service is enabled. One of the Services, Products, or Materials is mandatory for promotions to be active. When marking the promotion inactive, then also Services, Products, or Materials can be fully removed regardless of usage counter.


Enabling Promotions

Promotions can be manually archived, enabled, or disabled. Disabling a promotion has the following conditions:

Current Promotion Status - Status is brought back to:

  1. Enabled - when the promotion is enabled, and not expired, unavailable, finished, or disabled. Active is when the promotion is enabled and not archived regardless of its ‘Apply’ status. Inactive promotions can be marked active, and re-validation of the ‘Apply’ status will be verified by the system.
  2. Expired - when the end date is expired. If no end date then the ‘infinite’ symbol is presented. Promotions can be enabled but also be expired at the same time. Expired promotions will simply be re-validated by the system.
  3. Finished - When promotion usage is exhausted.

Enabling promotion back makes it available for its use with apply, usage, and return counters to continue as from before. These counters are never reset.


Disabling Promotions

Promotions can be disabled anytime and have the following conditions:

New Promotions: Disabled promotions are not viewed in Quotes or Job. Additional check by the system does not allow for any new promotions to be applied by Quotes or utilized by Jobs when the promotion is disabled.

Existing promotions in Quotes remain attached to items until ‘Apply’ or ‘Reapply’ triggers initiate verification. For example:

  • Change in Ordering Cart.
  • Upon the change in Cart or Quote conversion to Job, the promotion is re-validated, and if the promotion is disabled, the promotion is marked as “ Unavailable”.

For promotions that are currently applied in Quotes or Jobs following conditions apply”

  1. Disabled promotions status ‘unavailable’ is marked in Ordering Cart Quote when check happens during Apply and Reapply triggers for any promotions previously applied successfully.
  2. Upon change from Valid status, the cost of Ordering Cart, Service, and Quote is re-adjusted. This will affect the payment dues as well.
  3. Archived or Disabled promotions are not shown on the Savings screens.
  4. If the previous promotion is no longer valid, then the Quote and Services status changes to “Modified” if submitted already.
  5. A change management dialogue box is provided to the user presenting all the Quotes or Jobs that are getting impacted before disabling the promotion. Already fulfilled product items in Jobs will not be impacted.

When fulfilling products in Jobs - While a product item with successfully applied promotion is fulfilled in Jobs, the promotion remains utilized, and the status is set to ‘used’. So upon disabling, the promotion will remain ‘used’ in the Job - no matter what the changes in the cart.


Archiving a Promotion

Promotions are archived without dependency check in Quotes or Jobs. Archived promotions will be shown as ‘Unavailable’ status upon application and reapply triggers. The bulk archive is not supported.