Setting Up Promotions

Coupons or Discounts can be set up in business settings with the following fields:

  1. Promotion Name - field gets applied to invoice, but is usually meant for display purposes.
  2. Promotion Type - will be either Coupons or Discounts.
  3. Offer Code - This code will be required to either map or apply for promotion. The code has to be unique among all the promotions setup and is needed only for promotion-type coupons
  4. Business Location - The location to which the promotion is applicable. Promotion will be available only to Quotes and Jobs belonging to the location setup in the promotion setup.
  5. Start Date - The promotion will have a start date in the future. Back dates are not permitted to start at the current time. A start date has to be earlier than the end date.
  6. End Date - The promotion may have an end date past the start date. This end date is not mandatory, and if not filled, then promotional time is indefinite. NOTE: If you do not restrict the promotion for a particular period then you can leave the start and end date blank.


Promotion - Setup Status

The setup status of the promotion is presented on how the promotion is set up. This is different from promotion Apply Status. The following promotion setup status is shown in the promotions setup:

  1. Inactive - When a promotion is disabled by the user. Inactive promotions are not applied or utilized.
  2. Active - When a promotion is enabled and not archived regardless of its ‘Apply’ status.
  3. Expired - When the promotion expires based on the start and end date set in the setup.
  4. Archived - When a promotion is archived. Archived promotions are not applied or utilized.


Promotion - Pricing Configuration

Pricing configuration helps you determine the price of the product

  1. Promotional Value - Value of the promotion in terms of percentage or flat. A percentage is based on the total cost of Service, Product, or Material that the promotion is being built for.
  2. Minimum Service Value - Minimum value of the service required in order for the promotion to be valid and for users to be able to apply to the customer order.
  3. Maximum Service Value - Maximum service value up to which the promotion is valid.
  4. Maximum Promotional Value - Total maximum promotion value that will be utilized. For example, a promotion will have a total value of 10,000, then the promotion expires when this total amount is spent and utilized by the promotion.



Promotion - Usage Configuration

  1. Total Maximum Usage - Maximum usage of the promotion till the promotion expires. Exhaustion of usage expires the promotion. For example: For a value of 100, only 100 coupons can be allowed.
  2. Allow in combination with other promotions - yes or no. Yes, allows other coupons and discounts are allowed when applying for this promotion. A discount can be applied on top of the coupon.
  3. Limitation per customer or unlimited - Customer verification is done using any mapped email address and customer ID. The counter restricts the number of times a unique customer can utilize the promotion. Customers will be authorized to use a promotion N time. if he/she already used promotion N times, he/she will not be allowed to use promotion. This will be checked by maintaining history.


Promotion - Service Assignments

Promotions can be applied to elements within the functions of Services, Products, or Materials. A single promotion can be applied to only one of these functions - mixing them in a single promotion is not allowed.

Bulk assignment of services within a single promotion is possible. Users can assign specific or all services.


Promotion for Recurring Services

Promotion could apply to recurring services based on cycles. The promotion only applies to the beginning/start of the cycle, and never in the middle of the cycle. Limiting the promotional cycles has to be less than recurring policy cycles. For example: if the recurring policy is set for 3 cycles, and the coupon is for 6 cycles, then the coupon is not valid.


Promotion - Customer Segmentation

Promotion can be applied to various customer segments. This assignment maps customers belonging to which segment are eligible for a promotion. For example, A new customer can be eligible for a promotion. Or, returning customers can be eligible for a loyalty discount.

Promotion allows adding a single segment to a single promotion. Multiple segments to single promotions are not allowed.

The system will look for the exact customer when allowing to apply or utilize a promotional offer. This match is considered by checking the primary email address of the customer requesting promotion vs. that is included in the customer segmentation.


Promotions Mapping With Segmentation

Segmentation's primary focus is to segregate customers into various needs of the business. Each segment maps to multiple locations within a region to match the customers that are globally available.

It is possible that a single segment can map to customers that are outside the region because customers do not belong to a specific region - they are global in Jacktrade.


Matching Business Locations for Promotions to map with Segmentation

Segmentation supports multiple business locations and promotions support a single business location. In order to map promotions, the location of the segmentation has to match exactly the location of the promotion. Segmentation can not have more than one location set for it in order to map promotion.

Mapping business location is mandatory for promotions to be set up. And, changing location on the same segmentation will be denied if promotion is attached to the segmentation, and vice-versa.

The system will allow promotions only to be applied to customers that are part of that customer segment.


Promotion - Business Locations

Each promotion can be part of a single business location. This will be required in order to match promotion off on a particular currency, but also specific to a particular location.

For example: if promotions are being offered in the USA, and Quote is for the France location, then the promotion will not apply.

The system will check the business location of the Quote and Job before mapping expected promotions to be viewed, applied, or used. Different locations between different functions (Quotes/Jobs and Promotions) are not allowed.

Promotion - Usage Counters & Statistics

Promotion Age - This will reflect the time period for which the Promotion is open and other statistics related to the age of the promotion based on the following parameters.

  1. Age: Period since the Promotion is active (age)
  2. Usage Counter: the number of times the promotion is used.

The system will measure the promotion usage exhaustion, and only grants authorization when there are usage counters left in the usage bucket.