Application Owner

The person who signs up with Jacktrade is the Owner of the application. Owner information is the name associated with the person who registered the Jacktrade application. This information is shown in view-only mode and editable in the Teams module by changing the basic information of the Resource that registered the application.

Note: The application owner's email cannot be changed once registered.


Owner Profile Uniqueness

There is always a single owner for the application. This single owner has administrative privileges like

  1. All the business locations are automatically assigned to the application owner and thus have access to all locations by default.
  2. The owner has administrative permissions that can not be removed.
  3. The owner cannot be made inactive or suspended by any other administrators.
  4. License upgrades can only be done by the application owners and not by any other users of the application.
  5. Whenever a support (maintenance) request is raised by any user of the application, the application owner is notified via email.
  6. If no other resource types are available for scheduling or as a manager - the default owner can be picked.