Guidelines to fulfill and return bundle product: A step-by-step guide.

Fulfillment of inventory refers to the comprehensive process of managing, organizing, and delivering products within a business's supply chain. The fulfillment process typically includes inventory storage, order processing, picking, packing items, and shipping them to the designated destination. Efficient inventory fulfillment is crucial for businesses to meet customer demands, minimize delays, and maintain optimal stock levels. Additionally, modern fulfillment processes often integrate technology and automation to enhance accuracy, speed, and overall efficiency in managing inventory.

1. After your quote is converted into a job, click on the services.

Note: Bundle products can be only fulfilled in jobs.

Click on  Services…

2. Select any service you would like to fulfill the bundle product from.

Click on Commercial - Solutions Commercial Automation

3. Click on 'Product' on the left menu.

Click on Product

4. You land on the 'Product Order' page which shows you all the products added to the service. Here you can start fulfilling the bundle products.

Click on the 'Fulfill Kit' CTA corresponding to the bundle you wish to fulfill. 

Click on Fulfill Kit

5. Enter the quantity of the bundle that needs to be fulfilled.

Click on 1

6. If your bundle product is a 'Kit' which means that a unique kit number is associated with each of the bundles then you will see a list of available bundle kits below to select from.

If the bundle product is a simple bundle and not a kit, then you won't see any list of bundle kits.

In this example, we will see bundle kits.

Select the bundle kit. You can also click on 'Show customer-specific kits' and get a list of all the kits dedicated to the corresponding customer.

Note: These kits are added to the bundle products setup. Learn how to setup kits.

Click on tableRowactive

7. Click on 'Fulfill' CTA to fulfill the bundle kit.


Click on Fulfill

8. After your bundles are fulfilled, you will see a return option under each of the products of the bundle. If you wish to cancel the Quote, Job, or Service then it is mandatory to return all the fulfilled products. 

If there are products that are defective or returned by the customer, in that case as well you can use the return functionality.

Scroll to the right side of the menu and select the product that you wish to return from the bundle.

Click on View Details

9. Click on 'Return' to initiate the return process for the products.

Click on Return

10. Add the quantity that needs to be returned.

Click on 1

11. After clicking on the 'Return Reason' dropdown, you will find multiple reasons to choose from and select one from them.

Note: Learn 'How to configure return reasons in data sets'.

Click on Return Reason

12. If necessary, provide optional return notes.

Click on Return Notes

13. Scrap Merchandise implies that the item is removed from inventory without being returned to the inventory stock.

Click on Scrap Merchandise

14. Click on 'Select Kit to Return' to include the kits for the return.

Note - individual products cannot be returned from the bundle kit. The entire kit gets returned with the corresponding products within that kit.

Click on Select Kit To Return

15. Select the kit you wish to return and click on the 'Done' CTA at the bottom.

Click on b       Kit Id : 103   Batch Number : b1

16. Click 'Return' to return the kits to inventory.

Click on Return