Field Technician App FAQs

Accessing Jobs

  1. How do I access my assigned jobs?
    Your assigned jobs and related forms are accessible within the app under your job list.


Form Accessibility

  1. Where do I find the forms for my jobs?
    Job forms are located within each assigned job. If forms are missing, please report this immediately for resolution.
  2. Can I use forms offline?
    Forms require internet connectivity to open. Ensure you're connected before starting a job. The app has an automatic connection check, so it will automatically connect with a service when your device reconnects with the internet.


Form Management

  1. When should I open the work order form?
    Open the form when you have internet connectivity and are ready to begin or continue your work.

  2. Can I work on the form offline after opening it?
    Yes, open the form with internet connectivity, and you can continue to work in offline mode. However, saving is possible in online mode for data integrity.

  3. What's the correct procedure to close a form?
    Close the form after saving your progress. Ensure all data is saved to avoid loss of information.

  4. Should I keep the form open for extended periods?
    No, periodically save your work and close the form when not in use. The app may remind you to save and close the form to prevent data loss.


Adding Data

  1. How should I add numbers above what is given in the form?
    To add new numbers, simply insert a new “Freedom Form” related to the work.


Saving Data

  1. How should I handle data entry in offline mode?
    It's best to edit and save forms with a stable internet connection to ensure data is properly synced.
  2. How frequently should I save my work on the form?
    Save your work periodically, especially before switching the app to background mode, to prevent data loss.

Handling Images

  1. What is the process for adding pictures to a form?
    Take pictures directly within the app and click "update" to save. Our system is being enhanced to sync images both locally and to the cloud automatically.
  2. What happens when the app shows a white screen or is unresponsive?
    Try refreshing the app from the background mode. Here's a Google search link for detailed instructions on how to do this.