Steps to schedule resource in services.


Pre-requisites -

1. 'How To Do Scheduling From Teams'.

2. 'How To Schedule Resource From Gantt Chart'.


1. After creating the quote and service. Go inside the service.

Click on set-d:icon-ico-small-right-arrow

2. Click on 'Estimates' from the left menu and then Click on the 'Edit' icon from the top right.

Click on Estimate
Click on basic:icon-ico-edit

3. Click on 'Add Resource' and enter the resource details like rate type, resource type, quantity, and pricing, and click on Done and save.

Click on set-a:icon-ico-add-plus
Click on select-resources

4. After entering the resource estimates, Click on 'Schedule Now'.

Click on Schedule Now

5. You will find the resources corresponding to the added type in the estimates. You will see the availability status of the resource as well, select the resource and then click on 'Done'.

Click on Field Technician 0/ 1
Click on DC     Dev Cham   Tentative   ACTIVE

6. To view the assigned notification in the app, the scheduled resource needs to log in using their account and then click on the profile icon located at the bottom.

Click on button

7. Click on 'Notifications' to view the schedule estimate notification.

Click on Notifications…
Click on  Estimate…

8. You can view the same notification in your email.