Steps to process the payment in a quote or Job via credit card.


Prerequisites for making a payment via credit card

Before processing any payment in Jacktrade, there are a few things required to be considered -

  1. Make sure there is at least one active service in the Quote/Job with the cost associated with it.
  2. Make sure at least one payment gateway is set up in the business to process the payments via credit card.  Learn how to set up payment gateways here.


1. After creating the service for the quote, Click on 'Payment'.

Note: Learn More About - 'How To Create a Quote' and 'How To Create a Service'.

Click on Payment

2. There are three primary methods available for processing payments in JackTrade, and those are:

a. Credit Card
b. Cash
c. Cheque

In this example, we will process the payment with a 'Credit Card'.

Click on Credit Card

3. Select the service for which you intend to initiate the payment.

Click on Residential - Air Quality Improvement Jul 9, 2024 - Total: $15,621.00 Due: $15,621.00 Pending

4. There are three types of charges. You can select anyone and initiate the payment.

a. Full - You have the option to process the entire payment amount by choosing this selection.
b. Partial - You have the option to process a partial payment amount by choosing this selection.
c. Percentage - You can include a percentage, which will automatically be calculated based on the total amount of the service.
Click on Full …

5. Click on 'Add Card'.

Click on Add Card

6. Enter the card details and click on 'Add'.

Click on Attached Services

7. Once the card is added click on 'Pay' from the top to initiate the payment.

Click on Pay

8. Enter the optional signature, include a tip if needed, and click on 'Pay'.

Click on select-fleet

9. Click on 'Confirm'.

Click on Confirm

10. A payment confirmation screen will be displayed upon completing your payment.

Click on select-fleet