Resource User Types in Jacktrade


Resource User Type - Active Users

Active users are allowed as a user with access to the application and business. When a new resource is added, you can set if you want the resource to be added as an active or inactive resource.

Owner Role

The original owner of the app who signed up is flagged separately in the resource module. Owner resources cannot be deleted.

Only a single user is allowed to have an owner status. This cannot be changed through the application. If you at all want to update the owner, please reach out to [email protected]

Resource User Type - Inactive Users

Inactive users are resources that are not actively using the application but the business needs them in order to schedule jobs and use them for billing purposes. These types of users necessarily have no need to login into the system and are also not allowed to log in.

Businesses can use inactive users for scheduling resources required in estimates quotes and jobs.

Marking Resource Inactive

Any Active resources can be marked Inactive besides the owner of the application. Marking a Resource Inactive has a similar impact as changes in Resources covering both scenarios:

  1. If the Resource is a Salesperson.
  2. If the Resource is Not a Salesperson


The system will find out dependencies for the resource that is being marked inactive. All the Quotes, Jobs, Opportunities, and Action Items need to be assigned to another active user with the same business location.

Inactive users are only used for scheduling and billing - i.e inactive resources can only be assigned to Visits and Services.

Quotes, Jobs, Opportunities, and Action Items cannot be assigned to INACTIVE resources.

Details of these scenarios are covered in the Resource Change Management section of this document.

Forbidden Functionality for Inactive Users

  1. Inactive users are not allowed to log in to the application. Marking a user inactive is done via a Resource profile which it gives an indication of an inactive user. Businesses can still change the login information as desired.
  2. Resources can not be available for Jobs, Quotes, and Opportunities as a Sales Person.
  3. Resources can not be available for action lists, conversations, nurturing, etc.
  4. Users can not get SMS, Email notifications, or In-App Notifications.

Marking Resource Active

Resources can be marked active Inactive or Suspended. This simply enables the user to actively participate in the application.

Resource User Type - Suspended

JT supports a user being suspended where the user has no activity in any of the JT apps. This is primarily for businesses to retain the user info so one day they can bring the user back to active easily without entering the entire information again. Let’s say a user went on vacation for a month, or work on an ad-hoc basis.

The difference between inactive and suspended is that:

  • With inactive user type - Businesses are able to still use the resource for scheduling and billing purposes, including access to other apps like JT Delivery App or the JT procurement app supported via product separation on AUC.
  • With a suspended user type - Resources are not available to do anything in any of the apps including JT Lite Users.


Resources Status

  1. Resource profile status
    • Active - When a resource is active with a confirmed email address.
    • Inactive - When a resource is in inactive status. The inactive resource does not have access to the application but can be used for scheduling purposes.
    • Suspended - When a resource is in suspended status, they do not have access to the application and also cannot be used for scheduling purposes.
  2. Email Verified (mandatory for access)
    • Notifications In-App during login page - No access when accessing.
    • Notifications - Resend Verify Email, Expiry
  3. User Statistics
    • Registration Status: Logged In / Not Logged In
    • Last session: 13 Sep 2015 10:21 PM
    • Last login: 6 Sep 2015 9:06AM
    • Created date: 6 Aug 2015 4:27 PM