Steps for suspending a resource


1. Go to the Teams module

Click on Teams

2. Select the resource that you wish to suspend

Click on Const Johnson…

3. Click on the "Active" dropdown located at the top right

Click on visit-status

4. Click on the 'Suspend'

Click on Suspend

5. A popup will appear indicating the migration of functions. If your resource is associated with quotes, jobs, opportunities, customers, etc. You cannot suspend it directly before transferring that data to another resource. Click on Next to assign the resource

Click on anniversary type
Click on Next

6. Select the resource to whom you want to transfer the data and click on 'Next'

Click on anniversary type

7. After selecting the resources, a pop-up will appear to migrate all the data. Click on 'Migrate', and your resource will be successfully suspended.

Click on anniversary type
Click on Migrate
Click on anniversary type