Guidelines to create and manage action items: A Step-by-Step Guide.


1. Go to the Teams Module.

Click on Teams

2. Click on 'Action Items' from the left menu.

Click on  Action Items

3. This is the view of the 'Action Workboard' where you can see all the overall statistics of action items.

Click on Priority Distribution…

4. Click on the 'Toggle Dashboard and List View' icon.

Click on set-f:icon-ico-circle-list

5. Enter the action item title and click on 'Add'.

Click on Add New Action Item…
Click on Add

6. Click on the 'Edit Action Item' icon to edit the action.

Click on Edit Action Item
Click on Edit Item

7. Enter the other action item details and click on 'Done'.

Click on Action Item…

8. Click on the 'Add' icon from the top to add the folder.

Click on basic:icon-ico-add

9. Enter the folder name and color and then click on 'Done'.

Click on Create Folder ...

10. Click on the options menu (3 dots) and select 'Bulk Operations'.

Click on Open demo menu
Click on Bulk Operation

11. Enter the details for bulk operations, such as the sales agent, priority label, folder, date, and time.

Click on Critical…

12. Select the action items you wish to modify, then click "Apply" to implement bulk operations.

Click on ForArchive
Click on Apply