Organization Setup


Organizations in Jacktrade provide a means to lay out your team structure, as well as have special functions. Organizations are classified as either sales or non-sales giving sales organizations access to sales-related functions like Quotes, Jobs, Opportunities, etc.

Organization Setup

Organizations are set globally for the entire business. If business prefers organizations per location - they can easily choose a naming convention that matches that. For example - NY-Sales for New York Sales, and CAL-Sales for California Sales.


A Sales flag is set separately to instruct the Jacktrade application if an organization is sales so it can provide filtered data to places in the application where it’s necessary. For example Salesperson in Quote can be assigned from different departments that are marked as sales departments via this flag.

A resource can belong to only one organization and have one manager. As part of the preset data, the following organizations are rolled with the product:

  1. Sales - with the sales flag on. This is the only default organization that cannot be updated or deleted.
  2. Finance - without the sales flag on.
  3. Project Management - with the sales flag on.
  4. Marketing - with the sales flag on.


Changes with Organization

Organization name changes are reflected through all the active and archived data upon change. Example: Filters on the right navigations, resource profiles, and where this is represented in the entire application.

Changing the Name of the Organization

Changing the name of the organization is possible and it changes everywhere with active and archived data.

For example, A suspended or inactive resource will have the organization name shown differently on its profile.

It is possible to change the name of the pre-defined unremovable Sales Organization, and name it something else apart from the ‘Sales’ organization.


Converting an Organization

Resources can be re-assigned to a new organization by going through individual resource profiles. There is a bulk of resources to target organizations when removing an organization.

Converting from Sales to Non-Sales Organization

Moving resources from sales to non-sales organizations affects sales resources associated with the application functions. When marking an organization as Non-Sales, there are two options given to the user:

No Resources and No Attached Function Scenario

  1. If there are no resources inside the organization - it simply changes to Non-Sales.
  2. If there are resources attached, but none of them have the following functions attached (active or archive) to them, then it simply changes to Non-Sales.
  3. Elements that do not matter for Sales and Non-Sales organization conversion are - meetings, conversation, calendar events, nurturing, any action items, resource tagging, etc. These functions are irrespective of the Sales flag but they will matter when moving resources to another function.

Resources and Attached Function Scenario

  1. For the Active data set, if there are resources attached, and any one of them has the following functions attached
    • Quote, Job or Opportunity
    • Move all corresponding functions to another salesperson with
      • Same business location permissions as the resource under change.
      • Same primary and secondary role - this does not matter when it comes to sales assignments.
      • If there is no sales in the business location - then functions simply are reassigned to the Owner.
  2. For the Archived data set, the salesperson remains the same.

Converting from Non-Sales to Sales Organization

There is no real effect for a non-sales resource to move to a sales organization. The resource now has permission to be part of the sales process that can have Quote or Services attached to its name as a sales agent.


Deleting Organizations

Deleting an Organization is very much similar to the functionality of “Converting Sales to Non-Sales” with scenarios covered as:

  1. No Resources and No Attached Function Scenario
  2. Resources and Attached Function Scenario

An organization has to have no Resources associated in order to delete an organization.

  1. An organization without Resources: If the organization has no resources, then it can be simply deleted.
  2. An organization with Resources: An organization cannot be directly deleted if it has resources attached to it. If there are resources within the organization, businesses need to move the resources into different organizations before deleting the organization.

The default organization of ‘Sales’ can not be deleted.