Owner Setup


Owner of the Application

Setting an owner is mandatory for the application, and is done during onboarding time. The owner is defaulted to be the level-1 resource assigned to the Sales organization - this can not change.


Change Limitations with an Owner

Changing Owners Organization - A resource can only belong to a single organization - so moving the owner to a new organization is not possible as this is the system's default.

The owner always belongs to Sales Organization - The owner can not belong to a non-sales organization or have different levels as the owner of the application is always the admin with access to the entire application.

Job Role of an Owner - Even though the Owner is also a resource can have primary and secondary roles. The owner also has all the roles assigned to them - this is the case when moving resources to another resource but there is no one else remaining that matches. The owner matches everyone for every organization, role, and level type.

The location assigned to the Owner - The owner of the app by default has all business locations assigned. The owner can not limit themselves to business locations. This is also needed when tasks from a resource need to be assigned back to the owner when there is no one left in that location, so the application can default all tasks back to the owner.


Changes To the Owner’s Email

The owner’s email requires email validation. The email of any resource, including the owner, cannot be changed once entered. It is recommended that valid email addresses are added.

If at all you need to change the owner's email address due to business needs, please send out a request to [email protected] and the support team shall guide you through the process.