Opportunities – Introduction

Each business is unique in its own way of services and has unique growth goals and complimentary sales processes. The bottom line of running a business is that they wish to find new customers, sell them their products and keep them in the long run.

A Sales Opportunity is a potential or pending sale, and this is where Jacktrade comes in extremely handy. With the Opportunities Module, Jacktrade enables you to manage your long-run leads and maximize the output of your potential opportunities. The opportunities module provides a visual representation to manage your sales pipeline. A sales pipeline of an organization is a diagrammatic representation of its sales prospects, and to find the exact place where these prospects are in the purchasing process. Visualizing a sales pipeline also provides an overview of any salesperson’s account forecast and how she is to accomplish her sales quota, as well as, how a sales team as a whole is capable of reaching its target.

Opportunities have a very distinct and essential role in the sales process by providing you to manage your leads through a sales pipeline. Sales pipeline management enables sales managers and sales reps to forecast the numbers and revenue generation of deals that are predicted to close in a given span of time.

In other words, a sales pipeline aggregates individual prospects and customers’ sales funnel into a composite visual representation that weighs the health of all the sales prospects of an organization. The sales pipeline also helps in illustrating the life cycle of various customers and prospects from their initial interaction with your business to the closing of the deals.


Opportunity sales pipelines are targeted for the long-run leads with the following strategies in mind:

  1. Help to organize and collect incoming leads.
  2. Help to identify and qualify sales leads. Qualify a sales prospect into a marketing-qualified lead by using methods such as lead scoring and thereafter into a sales-qualified lead.
  3. Nurture your customers to the point where they’re ready.
  4. Build relationships and track activities.
  5. Set and achieve sales goals.
  6. Take good notes and document conversations.
  7. Close on the next steps. Register the deal as ‘closed’, ‘on hold’, or as a ‘lost opportunity.

80% of all sales are made on the 5th–12th contact. 15 years ago it took on average 2–4 contacts before concluding a sale. - The National Association of Sales Executives

Usually, stages within the sales process tend to follow a certain sequence of events. If you’ve worked in sales before, you must surely be acquainted with it. Jacktrade visualizes this entire process for you, by letting you customize and set up the stages of your unique sales workflow.

As your sales deal progresses, you can make changes in parameters (we will talk about this in detail soon – but you have a choice to pick predefined parameters or write your own custom needs), which helps you in keeping track of the deal in a systemized way.


Benefiting From Jacktrade's Sales Pipeline Management

A sales management pipeline is a visual representation of the different stages that a potential customer goes through in the sales process. It includes stages such as lead generation, qualification, proposal, closing, and follow-up. Salesforce automation is the use of technology to automate and streamline sales processes, such as lead tracking, customer relationship management, and sales forecasting. Together, a sales management pipeline and salesforce automation can help sales teams increase efficiency and productivity while providing valuable insights into customer behavior and sales trends.

  1. Increased visibility: Sales management pipeline and salesforce automation provide real-time visibility into the sales process, allowing managers to identify potential bottlenecks and areas of improvement.

  2. Improved forecasting: By tracking sales activities and pipeline stages, managers can improve their forecasting accuracy and make more informed decisions about future sales efforts.

  3. Greater efficiency: Salesforce automation streamlines the sales process, reducing the time and effort required to manage leads, contacts, and deals. This allows sales teams to focus on selling and closing deals.

  4. Better collaboration: Salesforce automation tools allow sales teams to share information and collaborate more effectively, improving communication and teamwork.

  5. Better data analysis: Salesforce automation systems provide detailed data on customer interactions, sales performance, and pipeline stages. This enables managers to analyze data and identify trends, which can help to improve sales strategies.

  6. Increased productivity: By automating repetitive tasks, salesforce automation allows sales teams to focus on more important activities, such as prospecting and closing deals, which can lead to increased productivity and revenue.

  7. Better customer experience: Salesforce automation enables sales teams to manage leads and customer interactions more effectively, leading to better customer experience and increased customer loyalty.


Integrated Opportunities That Glue Your Sales

Opportunity is an innovative functionality of the Jacktrade application. The users of the JT application get an opportunity to take their business further. In fact, JT (Jacktrade) is a global platform that allows businesses to cater to the customers at large. The user-friendly interface of this feature enables the customers to create a roadmap of what they wish to achieve within a limited period. Any opportunity is considered successful only when it converts into a job.

The function of opportunity is to improve sales in the manner that it offers an estimated cost of various services and convinces the lead to finish the task at a particular time.

We will introduce you to the following topics in order to further facilitate your understanding of the opportunity module.

  1. Sales Pipeline Management
  2. Sales Stages and Process Flow
  3. Sales Person and Location Assignments
  4. Reports and Dashboard per Opportunity Board


Customer Management

The opportunities system benefits from easy and centralized customer information in Jacktrade’s CRM. It helps you establish a Customer Management Process essential for your organization to be effective when carrying out customer-facing activities. The rate of growth of a customer is directly proportional to the growth of the company! As such, Sales pipeline integration with a customer management system can increase the company's performance and reflect the quality of the customers' experience.



Customer communication is how a business interacts with its customers using communication channels and strategies. Effective communication with customers can help build relationships with the target audience and promote customer engagement and retention.

Jacktrade helps manage the creation, delivery, storage, and retrieval of outbound communications, including those for marketing, new product introductions, renewal notifications, claims correspondence and documentation, and bill and payment notifications.

Centralized control and visibility over outbound customer communications can standardize your communication across your team members, build a story with your prospects, accelerate your rate of achievement, and reduce time. Here are a few ways communication can be done in Jacktrade.

  1. Pre-script Email Templates - You can save all your outbound email scripts and Jacktrade will personalize your communication when you are dealing with each prospect individually.
  2. Calendar Invites - Send calendar invites directly from the calendar that integrates with your CRM and internal address book.
  3. Google Meet - Manage, schedule, and launch Google Meet calls from Jacktrade to streamline your sales communication.
  4. Zoom Communications - Schedule, start, and manage Zoom meetings from Jacktrade to stay focused on selling.



Customer communication is the ongoing dialogue between a company and its customers. Now, that sounds a bit simplistic, but let's dig a bit.

Very, very few businesses survive and grow powered by one-time transactions that never repeat. And those that can are typically fueled by large purchases that require repeated conversations pre-sale to negotiate the transaction as well as repeated conversations post-sale to service the product or ensure satisfaction.

  1. Recording conversations: Customer communication is about conversations, recording them directly in your customer contact helps you remember those conversations and get to specifics next time around.
  2. Total company context: Everyone at your company can know everything about a customer quickly and easily. No more silos are caused by the lack of a universal tool.
  3. Company-level insights: Which customers are the neediest across your customer-facing teams? Which customers did you interact with across your human and scaled channels? These questions keep moving your sales pipeline forward.


Company Level Workflows

Business processes involve a series of related actions, broken down into individual tasks. Workflow refers to the routing of these processes, incorporating a range of tools that enable them to flow smoothly in real-time. Can you escalate customer communication across your various teams? Can you route messages automatically across teams? And can you make decisions at a company level?

Process (what should happen) or procedures (what actually happens) together maximize the operational benefits you can achieve in a business. Jacktrade enables you to manage your sales workflow in a few ways:

  1. Guided Action Items - Create rule-based action items for your teams that are useful in just numerous ways. Just insert tasks into a workflow (or an ‘Opportunity Board’) and then list the steps required to complete them. Its no-code automation frees up your team to concentrate on more pressing responsibilities.
  2. Smart Notifications - Customize your alerts and notifications based on rules that matter to you. Deal hanging low for too long? A large deal came through? A repeat customer is interested in your product again? With dynamic fields from the workflow in your emails, you can also construct any part of the message and target your customers directly to auto follow-up. It's useful to initiate your follow-up workflow, thus sparing line managers the need to intervene personally.
  3. Sharing Documents - Documents can be stored and shared among the team members within the Opportunity deal manager. It’s an effective and powerful tool that works well for teams with document-driven workflows. Common uses include sharing white papers, NDA, customer requirements, reference specifications, etc. Integration is also provided with online storage providers like Google and Dropbox.
  4. Calendar - Each opportunity card can be viewed on the business calendar which provides you with a wholesome picture of your day, week, or month. You can set reminders to remind you of the upcoming Opportunity so you can deal with it at the right time.
  5. Built-in mobility - Jacktrade supports mobile functionality giving you access to your data anytime and anywhere. This is essential if you need to act at the moment and communicate with your client.



Maintaining a sales pipeline is an essential part of marketing & generating sales. No sales can be closed without good pipeline management. Jacktrade’s integrated email marketing can make your customers in your sales pipeline aware of new products, discounts, and other services. It can also be a softer sell to educate your audience on the value of your brand or keep them engaged between purchases. It can also be anything in between. Here is how your marketing will work

  1. Customer Segmentation - a specific group of customers can be built and the list in segmentation is maintained dynamically. This makes your marketing super powerful as you can continuously promote your evergreen, seasonal, or very specific content. You can match your content with your user persona, and deliver knowledge drips to your potential buyers helping them make decisions.
  2. Newsletters or Rich Text - You can pick your style of communication - it may be relevant to your customers that Rich text seems more personable and coming from an associate. A good example is that the CEO can send an email to the prospect while the sales agent is dealing with the customer giving your potential buyers the attention they deeply desire. On the other hand, a newsletter can represent your brand professionally and prove your brand integrity
  3. Cold Emailing - All Although the quality of your lead contact information is very critical, you can use Jacktrade to cold email to bulk. This should be carefully planned and can be automated to build your reputation.


Automation & Customization

You have learned a lot from above about how the overall business process dealing with Sales Pipeline management can be automated. Eliminate busywork with task automation, one-click contact data filler, email-to-deal conversion, and open APIs. From the creation of task items for your team based on conditions and rules. You can even open an opportunity by sending Jacktrade an email in the proper format. Customize your Opportunity pipeline to tailor your processes to your business needs and keep everyone on your team on the right track.


Insights and Reports

You can’t run a sales organization without good reporting functionality. Use customizable sales reports to recognize winning patterns, forecast your revenue, and optimize your sales strategies, and key considerations. Reporting can be overwhelming - you need a solution that offers simplicity and straightforward reporting. You need to be able to see instantly where things are, who’s got the ball, when specific deals are due, and what’s overdue.

Jacktrade’s reporting enables you to see what decisions have been made and to have a clear overview of how successful your deal management is when looked at over a given period (in other words, quality). Managing your resourcing levels can help you understand who’s taking on the most activity and where any blockages might be.