Guidelines to create an opportunity - A step-by-step guide


1. Go to the Customers module

Click on Customers

2. Click on 'Opportunities' on the left menu.

Click on Opportunities…

3. Select an existing opportunity board or you can create a new board.

Learn how to create an opportunity board here.

Click on Union NJ - Fundraiser…

4. Click on the 'Add' icon on top right to add a new Opportunity/Lead Card.

Click on basic:icon-ico-add

5. Enter the Opportunity title, customer name, and select the sales agent for the opportunity


6. Enter the potential opportunity amount in the designated field of potential opportunities.

Click on Potential Opportunity

7. Select the forecast close date. This date is really to set the date by which you would like to close this opportunity.

Click on dropdown trigger

8. Enter the additional prospect info like customer type, associated service type, source of the lead, contact rating, etc. These fields are optional.

Click on Additional Prospect Information

9. Input additional opportunity details such as deal priority and win chance. You can also attach a quote or job, link another opportunity, and assign labels. Again additional opportunity information is also optional.

Click on Additional Opportunity Information

10. Click on 'Save' on the top right to add the opportunity.

Click on Save