Purchase Order Status

Purchase order status is system-generated with the following conditions:

Status Before PO Manual Submission

Status before and with manual submission of purchase order:

  1. Draft - When the PO has not been submitted or auto-submitted. This state happens before any type of submission.
  2. Submitted (Order Sent) - When the PO was submitted to the supplier manually by the user. Submitted status is written even after


Status Before PO Auto Submission

Status before and with auto submission of purchase order:

  1. Auto Scheduled - For auto-submit orders when they are scheduled to be submitted.
  2. Auto Submitted - When the PO was auto-submitted to the supplier. Auto-submission only happens 1st time.
  3. Verification Required - When Auto Submission of PO has an issue and requires user verification. Usually, this happens when there is an issue found with the PO like the SKU ID changed, the PO is above the maximum cost allowed, etc.


Status After PO Submission

Status after the purchase order has been submitted or auto-submitted.

  1. Modified - When PO was modified post submission or auto submission. Manual submission is required. There has to be a change in data in the purchase order to get to this state.
  2. Partially Received - When any product or item was received and marked in the PO.
  3. Fully Received - When all products or items were received and marked in the PO.
  4. Fully Published - When all item quantities in the PO have been successfully published in inventory. Payment will be pending with this status.
  5. PO Pay Complete - When the PO was fully paid and settled. 
  6. Overdue - When the PO’s expected date has passed and any items in the PO were not received. This state is achieved only after the PO is submitted. 
  7. Completed - When POs are complete with publishing all quantities into inventory and payment is made.
  8. Re-Opened - When PO is re-opened post-closing.