Changing Supplier Information

Businesses can change supplier details like Business Name, Supplier Name, Supplier Address, etc. These are reflected directly on the Supplier Details and Active Purchase Orders and Archived Purchase Orders, including Supplier information referenced in inventory SKU.

Businesses can reflect old information in the Bill stored in pdf format for previous information.


Changing Supplier Location

Supplier location cannot be changed if the supplier has attached items in the catalog, active Re-orders, and active POs. If none of these are attached to the supplier, and there are archived POs to the supplier, the archived POs remain unchanged. For example: Location and items remain as it was set in the PO at the point of archive.


Changing Items in Supplier Catalog

Businesses can change various values like Item Cost and Tax, Lead Time, Default Re-order Quantity, etc. Changes made to these items are reflected in the items attached to the Supplier Catalog but not with Active or Inactive PO.

Businesses can make modifications to unreceived quantities and received and published quantities can be changed. These items have to be returned instead. 


Catalog Mapping Changes in Product

Products are always mapped to the catalog in inventory. In case it's not mapped, it will be mapped to ‘Unassigned’. If the catalog changes in the product setup, then it will be reflected with the proper catalog name in the Supplier as well. 


Deleted Products in Inventory

Products when removed from product inventory are simply removed from the Suppliers Catalog. Products being removed from inventory should not have any active Purchase Orders. Older purchase orders continue to reference softly deleted products in archived or re-ordered products.


Disabling Supplier

Suppliers can be disabled anytime even where there are Active Purchase orders, and re-enabled as desired. This lets businesses not process any further purchases from that Supplier and finish off current orders. 

If the Supplier is disabled with an active PO, then the Supplier can not be changed on any active PO. Users may continue to operate active POs normally like adding items, changing prices, etc. Any Active or New POs will not show any disabled Suppliers. Thus, any new items can not be added. Removal of an item is possible.