Steps to track emails for a contact in Jacktrade.

Email can be sent to the contacts directly from Jacktrade. The emails sent to the contacts can be tracked and viewed in the application itself which enables the business to track the communication happening with the contacts. 

Let's see how the emails sent out to the contacts are tracked in Jacktrade. 

1. Go to the Customers Module.

Go to customers module

2. Select any contact that you wish to see the communication history for.

Click on a customer you want to track communication

3. Click on the 'Communicate' option on the left menu.

Click on Communicate

4. You will see two tabs here, Engage and Communication. From the 'Engage' tab, you can send out an email to the contact. You can see all the prescripted emails here and you can quickly send out emails with these prescripted email templates.

To track the communication, Click on the communication tab here.

Click on Communication

5. You can view and track all the emails sent out to this contact here. You can view what email was sent out at what time and also the email status. The email status tells you if the email was sent, delivered, opened, clicked, or bounced.

You can track messages.