Steps for sending pre-scripted emails to contacts.


1. Go to the Customers Module.

Go to customer module

2. From the contact list, click on any contact you want to email. This will navigate you to the contact details page.

Go to a customer that you want to send an email

3. Click on the 'Communicate' option on the left menu.

Click on Communicate

4. On the 'Engage' tab select any template from the pre-built template available here and select the entity from which you want to send the email. Learn how to set up email templates.

P.S. - Selecting the right entity is important because email settings and branding with which your email will be delivered are based on the entity you select. Email branding and email settings are per entity. 

Select any template that you like

5. Pre-Built Email will pop up, click on send, and your email will be sent successfully. You can track the same email from the communication tab and check the email status.

Click on Send