Steps to add multiple addresses in the contact profile.


1. Go to the Customers Module.

Click on Customers

2. Navigate to any of the contact profiles under which you wish to add additional multiple addresses.

Click on John Stanly…

3.  Select the 'Addresses' tab on the Contact Details menu.

Click on Addresses

4. Click on the 'Add' icon on the top right to add addresses to this contact.

Click on basic:icon-ico-add

5. Input the address details that you wish to include. We recommend you add a unique address name for easy identification when you use these addresses in other functions.

Click on Enter New Address…

6. Click on the 'Save' button, and your address will be successfully saved under the contact profile.

Click on Save

7. You can access and review your various addresses here. The contact address is applicable for use in the quote and job services.

Click on Addresses