Get Support

Jacktrade provides 24 hours and 365 days of support to customers helping them grow their businesses. There are two types of support we provide -

  1. Online Resources
  2. Support Team

Online Resources

Online resources are present on the cloud and you can access them anytime, anywhere and at any number of times. These include mainly three things:

  1. How-to videos - how-to videos describing various aspects of this application and how you can go about it. For example - how you can set up a notification.
  2. Knowledge Base - This is a comprehensive list of documentation that can help you understand each and every aspect of the application, its functionality, benefits, and how you can work around it.
  3. Online Training - These are online videos focused on business growth strategies and efficiencies.


Support Team

You can raise a support request to the Jacktrade support team from the application itself. From the ‘Get Support You Need’ section on the support page, you will be navigated to the Google forms where you can raise your support requests.

There are different types of support requests you can raise -

  1. Feature Request - If you have any new feature requests for us.
  2. Support requests - If you need any kind of support.
  3. Reporting a bug - If you find any bug in the application, you can raise it from here.
  4. Review the app - You can provide your review and feedback for the application helping us boost our confidence and help us improve the application.