Steps for adding the drip to the campaign.


1. After creating the campaign, Click on the 'Drips' tab from the left menu.

Note: Learn More About -- 'How To - Create a Campaign'.

Click on Drips

2. There are three types of options to create a drip and those are:

a. Add a Newsletter Email
b. Add a Simple Email (Rich Text)
c. Add a SMS (Coming Soon)

In this example, we will create a newsletter drip. Click on 'Add a Newsletter Email'.

Click on Add A…

3. Enter drip name and description. 

Click on Drip Name

4. Set the campaign date and time for when the campaign should run.

Click on Set a Date

5. Include a resource in the campaign, Choosing the "Add to BCC" option ensures that the drip will be sent to that specific resource via BCC instead of CC.

Click on auto payment

6. Click on the 'Content' tab from the top.

Click on Content

7. Enter the campaign email subject.

Click on Email Subject

8. Add preview text or preheader text to the email from here. Leave Blank if not required.

Click on Enter Preview Text. Leave blank if not required

9. Click on 'Add Designed Email' to add the newsletter.

Click on Plus Icon

10. Select the created newsletter. 

Note: Learn More About -- 'How To - Create a Newsletter'.
Click on Construction Template…

11. Click on 'Save' to enter the drip in the campaign.

Click on Save

12. Once the drip is configured, activate the campaign by selecting 'Details' from the left menu.

Click on Details

13. Click on 'Start this Campaign'.

Click on Start This…

14. Type 'Officially Start-Drip' and click on 'Yes' to activate the campaign.

Click on anniversary type