Everything You Need To Know About Referral Marketing


Let me ask you a question. Who would you rather trust? Those paid results at the top of the SERP, or your sister? That banner on YouTube, or your best friend from college?


We all trust our friends and family, and even strangers more than we trust advertisements or brands. We’re influenced by recommendations, reviews, testimonials, word-of-mouth, and most importantly, referrals.


According to the New York Times, 65% of all new business comes from referrals. This means that about two-thirds of your customers make purchases because someone they know recommended a particular product or service.


It’s clear that consumers want more information for making an informed decision about buying any products and services. With online conversations about brands ramping up at an unprecedented rate, there is the potential of scaling and tracking referrals and recommendations through unique personal sharing. That’s where referral marketing comes in.