Email list cleaning is regularly updating your email contact list by purging outdated contacts and being responsive to recipient preferences. The result is a clean email list that yields more effective interactions with contacts.

So you’ve noticed that your email campaigns or newsletters aren’t getting the proper amount of engagement — or maybe they’re not reaching the inbox at all!

One solution could be cleaning your email contact list to remove contacts who are uninterested, irrelevant, or disengaged.


Email Verifier Tools

Here are the 4 best email verifier tools that you can use in 2022 -

1. Zero bounce -

ZeroBounce is a leading online email validation system created to ensure that companies sending complex and high-volume emails avoid deliverability issues. The system works by reducing and eliminating invalid, abusive, complaint, inactive, and spam-trap email addresses. You put a lot of effort into your emails. Zero bounce helps you land them in the inbox and connect with your customers. Drive up your open rates and ROI with our 98% accurate email validation, A.I.-driven email scoring, and powerful deliverability tools.


2. Neverbounce -

NeverBounce is an email verification solution that enables enterprises, startups, and non-profit organizations to remove duplicate emails, detect threats and verify email lists. NeverBounce was built out of necessity. As digital marketers, we struggled with email deliverability and bad email data, and the services offering email verification were inaccurate, slow, expensive, and lacked human support. So we created NeverBounce with these attributes in mind, making them our core values!


3. Clearout -

Clearout is a leading email verification and validation service to keep your database hygienic. Because a clean email list is essential for successful email marketing. When your number of bounces, complaints, and 'spam-trap hits' exceeds the threshold set by ESPs, your emails can be sent to the spam folder or even blocked. 

At, Clearout we improve your email reputation and increase email deliverability by helping you to remove bad or fraudulent email addresses from your database. Thereby you can stay on the good side by maintaining a good relationship with your ESP, save money, and don’t want to waste time on email addresses of contacts that don't even exist anymore. That’s why Clearout is a perfect choice for you.


4. Leopathu -

Leopathu is a Free Bulk Email Verifier and Validation. Leopathu analyses a bulk list of email addresses for validity, identifying spam traps and address errors before your mail is sent out. It keeps your list clean and improves deliverability. How does it work? Leopathu uses algorithms and validation techniques to determine the legitimacy of an address. A syntax check removes addresses with formatting errors, while a domain check verifies DNS entries.