Recurring Payment Use-Cases

Recurring Payments For Landscape Company

Landscape company charges its customer once a month for unlimited time till user cancels the service. There are no contractual obligations for time period. It serves its customers in many ways:

  1. Performs 1 job per month for defined cost - cutting grass.
  2. Performs 2 different types of jobs per month for defined cost - cutting grass, and manicuring bushes. So, now you have 1 or more numbers of job in a month for that customer.
  3. Performs 1 job regularly per month for defined cost, and increases frequency in summer when grass grows faster and requires cut in shorter period of time.
  4. Performs 1 job regularly, and customer requests one additional one-time service.


Recurring Payments For Coaching Business

Coach or Therapist requires hybrid plan based on customers needs where some customers need automatic recurring payment setup. vs. pay as you go.

  1. Customer picks 6 sessions, and pays them individually in recurring weekly payments.
  2. Customer picks 12 sessions, and pays them as they go along. This does not require recurring payments, and the user builds next task by cloning of a previous task.
  3. Customer moves forward after free trial.

Recurring Payments For SaaS Business

Software SaaS as a product company manages recurring payments

  1. Customer picks 1 year annual charge, and no automatic charge for subsequent year. Transaction email is sent when recharge is due for another annual billing.
  2. Customer picks monthly payment plan, with minimum 3 months of contract post free trial.