Improve Your Value Proposition

A great value proposition can be a secret weapon for your business. When your value proposition addresses your target customer, proves how you meet their needs, and establishes your superior value over your competition, you create the opportunity to attract even more viable prospects and customers.


And what better way to craft an effective value proposition than by building a deep understanding of the needs of each segment of your customer base? ITSMA finds that 82 percent of B2Bs who developed personas reported an improvement in their value proposition.


If you want to jump-start revenue growth for your organization, you need to start by finding and attracting more customers. And the only way to do that is to understand who your existing customers are and what they love about you. From there, you can create new messaging and products that speak to those needs and will attract new fans.


But very few businesses have just one type of customer. By understanding the different personas you serve and crafting different messaging and products for each subset of your population, you make those customers feel seen and heard—and all the more likely to turn to you for help in solving their problems.


Give Your Email Campaigns a Boost

One area of marketing that can benefit greatly from segmentation is your email campaigns. When you send a generic message to everyone on your list, you miss out on the opportunity to speak directly to the needs of each of your customers.


Segmentation, on the other hand, empowers you to send targeted messages to different subsets of your audience. This, in turn, improves customer response.


A survey from Mailchimp found that segmented campaigns had open rates 14.31 percent higher than non-segmented campaigns. They also saw a 101 percent increase in clicks over non-segmented campaigns, while also noting lower bounce rates, unsubscribes, and incidences of spam reporting.


Ways To Enhance Your Customer Relationship Using Segmentation


Personalized Emails

Sending a personalized email to a customer makes a customer feel important and he will also be able to have access to the latest offers provided by the company.


Send a “Thank you” Note

Kindness is a way to go. It never fails. Kind words to the customers for choosing our brand over the others help them know that we are grateful. A company is nothing without its customers and letting customers know that- is a great tool to build a quality relationship with them.


Stand For A Noble Cause

Giving back to society is the ultimate purpose of every human being. An organization obviously provides a direct service to the customers, but if a certain percentage of the profit is given to the less fortunate we all will be able to do our part in making this world a better place to live. By doing so, we not only help the people around us but we will also be able to win the trust of the customers. The customers will feel more than happy to know that a certain percentage of their invested amount in the service will go the less fortunate.


Add An Emotional Value To Your Service

It is never just a service or a product, there is always more to it. Customers must be able to connect emotionally as the intent behind the creation of goods and services is to improve their lives. Business organizations must stand strong for certain virtues, it could be truth, loyalty, love, or friendship. Whatever the belief is, a customer must connect to it. You can ensure a loyalty-driven and long-lasting bond by providing an emotional value to the service.


Treat Customers On Personal Occasions

A long-term customer must be treated like a family member. On special occasions like his birthday or his wedding anniversary, a customer must be given an added service for free. For example, sending a birthday cake to a customer’s house, greeting the customer with bouquets on the anniversary of a customer, etc.


Respond To Customer Queries and Feedback

It must be ensured that the needs of customers are taken care of. When a customer wants to ask anything or give any feedback, it must be responded to quickly and with consideration. It will make the customers feel closer to us and we will be able to have them for a longer duration of time.


Keep The Customer Engaged

Consumption of service must not be the end of customer engagement, a customer must be kept engaged. We must develop a relationship with them. Hosting events is a way to keep customers interested. Social media plays a huge role as well. Different types of contests can be held. For example, we can ask customers to post pictures of themselves after or while using our service and describe their experience, in return we can also post them on our official page and give a shout-out to them. We have to make it fun and innovative every time. Lucky draws also keep the customers curious and excited.



These aforementioned customer relationship-building strategies are a few of the many ways to enhance the bond between customers and a business. It is mandatory to understand the requirements of your present or potential clients. This is the very foundation of how to build a client base profoundly. In the end, providing quality customer service will do the best work on its own. Clients must get value for the money they spend. They must be happy and satisfied. Let us know your views on the impact of rescuing your customer in distress in the comments section below. Also, get more updates on resources related to marketing and sales. Join our tribe!