Competing With Big Sharks


Are you or your business facing these top challenges?

Struggle to organize multiple daily activities?

Is your customer data not in one place?

Inability to manage your buyer’s journey seamlessly without major capital investment.

Frustrated by complicated costly vendors that do not cater to your holistic operational needs?








Robust Branding & Customer Loyalty

  • Optimize and automate your predictive and recurring tasks.
  • Remove paper billing and manual processes.
  • Stronger follow-up and satisfaction.
  • Greater customer loyalty.
  • Better referral business.


Administration  & Operations Efficiency

  • Make your entire team efficient. Automate and track all progress, and assignments, and reduce human errors.
  • Remotely manage your teams with ease.
  • Have your in-field resources be highly productive with proper order management.
  • Plan and monitor wastage with inventory and materials.
  • Monitor charge increases and negotiates savings from your suppliers.


Close Bigger & Better Deals

  • Increase profits with full visibility in the sales pipeline.
  • Make your team a revenue-driving machine.
  • Get 2x  worth of a single salesperson by exceeding sales activities.


Streamline Technology: One Tool

  • A single unified application that simplifies all your key business functions.
  • Sets up in 1 day. No difficult integration.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple applications.
  • Get new and innovative features and updates as part of your subscription plan.


  1. AUTOMATE – The time-freeing process of converting manual list-building and business expanding processes (sending emails, writing ads, talking to prospects, etc.) and making it nearly hands-off with easy-breezy software, systems, and templates. It’s the underlying goal of the training.
  2. AUTORESPONDER – A piece of software that sends pre-written emails sequentially and automatically (while you’re at the beach ... or wherever else you’d rather be).
  3. CAMPAIGN – An organized, sequential marketing strategy with specific goals, systems, duration, and automation (great case studies you can model at the training).


Case Studies

In Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Dr. Robert B. Cialdini describes a study in which an unknowing test subject received a can of soda from the researcher. The soda cost $0.50. Later, the same researcher asked the participant to buy $5 worth of raffle tickets. Agreement rates were much higher than for participants who didn't get any soda.


Handle Common Customer Objections

Here are the 10 common objections that online shoppers have, and ideas for how you can overcome those objections on your website.

  • I need to think about it. – people make purchase decisions based on emotion, so if you appeal to them deeply enough on an emotional level, you’ll likely overcome this objection.
  • I need to talk to my wife/husband/partner. – give them a reason why their significant other will be grateful that they got this product.
  • I can find it cheaper somewhere else. – Demonstrate that you’re the best value or the best price around.
  • I’m happy with what I already have. – Show them how their life will be better with your product.
  • I don’t have the budget. – Offer a payment plan. Or, calculate how your product will actually save them money, or make their money in the long run.
  • I’m not sure if it will work for me. – Offer a trial.
  • How do I know my credit card information will be safe? – Display a security badge.
  • I don’t have time right now. – Throw in a limited-time bonus.
  • Why should I choose you instead of the other guy? – Show what makes you better than your competitors.
  • I’m not sure it has all the features I need. – Highlight your most amazing features in a bulleted list.


Selling Differently

Upselling is encouraging the purchase of anything that would make the primary purchase more expensive with additional. For example, if a customer had already purchased a subscription to your marketing tool, upselling would encourage your customer to purchase an additional integration with another marketing tool to improve their experience.

Cross-selling is encouraging the purchase of anything in conjunction with the primary product. For example, if a customer has already purchased a meal from you, cross-selling would encourage that customer to purchase a gift card or dinner night for two.

Upselling is encouraging the purchase of anything that would make the primary purchase more expensive. Cross-selling is encouraging the purchase of anything in conjunction with the primary product.

Think of it as the difference between a complementary product and an upgrade: Where cross-selling suggests another purchase alongside the primary product, upselling encourages customers to make an additional purchase to use the primary product.


An efficient way to increase sales is through gift cards.

A study by the Nielsen Norman Group on a sample of people who usually purchases on the internet has proved that when they receive a present, they appreciate it more if it is in the form of a gift card.

A gift card makes life for both your customer and the person who receives it a lot easier. This is the reason why gift cards have become more and more popular, to such an extent that 98% of shops – and not only virtual shops – use them to increase sales volume and to loyalize customers.

Digital Products – A high-profit-margin product created in a non-physical format. Some examples include courses, videos, audio instruction, and information products. The beauty of selling these products is that they require very little overhead, no physical storage or shipping costs. NOTE: These materials are an ESSENTIAL component to creating high-ticket, high-profit signature programs and services.


Average Order Value

Average order value is the key to competing with major brands, and how to use upsells and cross-sells to increase AOV on your store.

Your average order value really can be the difference between making huge

 returns in a year or just scraping by. Focusing on average order value is how you will be able to compete with some of the biggest brands in the world — in one of the most competitive markets in all of the commerce (food) — There’s never been a better time to sell products online. The opportunity is huge for people who can do this well (and it’s only increasing).

Maximize the upsell revenue on your store by offering the right upsell products and leveraging our strategy for increasing AOV. Finally, use my secret weapon to implement the strategies we’ve covered and make more revenue from the traffic coming through your store.